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Agile Adoption in 2024

What is the current adoption of Agile within Agile companies?

The current adoption of Agile within Agile companies is quite high. In fact, Agile adoption statistics show that 71% of companies are adopting Agile, and it has helped 98% of companies to improve their operational performance.

Furthermore, Agile adoption in marketing departments is strong, with 51% of marketing teams having adopted it, compared to 36% traditional and 13% ad hoc approaches. Additionally, nearly 60% of non-users are planning to adopt an Agile approach in the next six months.

Agile adoption is not just limited to software development teams, but it is also being embraced by other organizational divisions and departments. For example, 34% of Agile organizations are using a scaling framework, and 86% of software development teams have fully adopted the Agile approach.

However, it's important to note that Agile adoption is not without its challenges. Some companies have faced difficulties in implementing Agile practices, which has led to a decrease in productivity and even financial losses. Nevertheless, Agile adoption is still considered mainstream by most companies, and it's expected to continue growing in the coming years.  

The statistical information I provided comes from various reputable sources.   

  • Digital.ai: This company provides a comprehensive report on the state of Agile adoption and its effectiveness.
  • Zippia: A career expert website that offers valuable insights into Agile adoption and its impact on various industries.
  • Issuu: A digital publishing platform that features a wide range of research and reports on Agile adoption and its trends.
  • Agile Sherpas: A leading Agile consulting and training company that provides up-to-date information on Agile adoption and its benefits.
  • Solutions Trustradius: A trusted source for software reviews and comparisons, which also offers valuable insights into Agile adoption and its methodologies.
  • GoRemotely: A platform that provides resources and information on remote work, including the latest trends and statistics on Agile adoption.
  • Capterra: A software review and comparison platform that offers research on Agile adoption and its impact on businesses.
These sources offer a wealth of information on Agile adoption and its trends, and I encourage you to explore them further for more in-depth insights.  



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